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Couture vs Custom

Zoe Wednesday, 17th of August 2011

How is couture different then a custom made dress and what is involved - design/cost wise?

Hi, It is a fine line, but my understanding is basically with a Couture Gown, you see a Couture sample Gown instore more or less as you will have it, with the opportunity of minor design alterations, working with the Designer. The pricepoint is generally set. So you have a basic "visual" of your selected Gown as the basis of your Gown before you start.

Custom Made on the other hand means that any design is possible with your own ideas/designs combined with the skilled Designers advise/thoughts on what may suit your body shape/needs/colour/budget etc, with your own individual slant on your Wedding Gown design. With this option, you basically design your "own" Gown with the Designers advise and assistance. The Gown is made from scratch to your own personal measurements.

Naturally both will fit your figure beautifully. Different designers will use different terms, but they will all be beautiful Gown at the highest standard.

I hope that helps! Heather

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