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Matt Wednesday, 17th of August 2011

In terms of etiquette, are there particular standards for the bride & groom and guests to adhere to?

I guess the etiquette you’d adhere to would be that for any other social gathering with a special purpose. Everyone is respectful of everybody else. When I'm checking my PA system before the ceremony I always ask guests to turn off their mobiles or put them on silent for the ceremony. Some celebrants say the bride is ‘rude’ when she’s ‘late’. Personally I never think of a bride as ‘late’. I’ve been a bride myself and I know the amount of preparation it takes. No bride I'm sure, would arrive ‘late’ on purpose. I always call the arrival time of the bride ‘perfect’. It’s her day and all the guests are there to support her and her groom. I also say that ‘bride time is not of man’s world’!

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