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Jacquie Wednesday, 10th of August 2011

My FH and I met when we were 5 years old in primary school and we were in the same prep class. I then had my first crush on him in grade 2. In grade 5 we went to different schools and lost touch. Then 4 years ago we met up through mutual friends and 9mths ago he proposed and in 2mths we will be married in the junior hall of our primary school!

So given that we are getting married at school our wedding has the school colours (navy & white) as the colour theme and we are giving it a bit of a primary school theme incorporating childhood memories through out the wedding.

I was wondering if any of you could help with sone ideas? Quirky or traditional or anything you think would be a gun element to add to our theme.

Think back to those things you did in before you parted after grade 4. Research that year and see what important event shaped your respective lives. Maybe it was sharing a roll of "Love Hearts", or him giving you half of his lunch. If so, is it time to give him that half back? (Fresh, of course).
Maybe find some old class photos to project onto a wall, or have in frames on the table. Table decorations could include crayons & and paper for your guests to draw messages and pictures for your scrapbook. When it is time for speeches, you could have the school lesson bell sound.
You could have childhood friends attend and tell stories about your respective antics.
Another great idea would be to have a candy bar filled with all of those childhood favourites, most of which are still available today.
There are many possibilities. A wedding planner or wedding design consultant would be a great help in organising such things.

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