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Do I need an assistant?

LauraC Tuesday, 9th of August 2011

I have narrowed down my photographers to the style im looking for, yey me!

There is however quite a big difference in price as one photographer uses an assistant. Am I likely to receive a higher quality image if I use an assistant ? Is it worth the additional cost ?

Hmmm, this depends very much on your photgrapher. Personally when I take an assistant it is solely to support me, carry my gear and watch it if we are shooting in public locations, they may also navigate, park the car and be a second pair of eyes, but I do not directly bill the client for my assistant.

However some photgraphers use their assitants to shoot as well, in which case you should get more images and a variety of perspectives. If your photographer is charging you extra to bring an assistant you should expect added value for your money. Before you outlay anything extra you need to ask your specific photographer what exactly you can expect by paying extra for as assistant. Hope this helps. Linda Pottage Bluehouse Studio

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