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I dont have any bridesmaids!!!!

TahliaB Tuesday, 9th of August 2011

I only have male friends... it would be weird to ask the girls at work as I havent been there very long. My fiance wants to at least have his best man and pippa middleton won't return my calls .

Will it be wierd if I don't have a bridesmaid ? Should he drop the best man... or do I need to rent a friend ???

Hi Bride To Be
Don't be concerned that you are not having any bridesmaids, it is much more common nowadays. If your fiance wishes to have his best man standing next to him, that won't look weird at all even with no bridesmaid by your side. Or, if you felt more comfortable, the best man could be seated in the front row and come up at the appropriate time with the rings and come up to sign the certificates, if he is also a Witness.
Now I have also had brides have a good male friend be there as a Bridesman! It worked a treat and you can decide whether you would like to have him waiting up the front or precede you when you make your entrance. So, having your good male friend and your fiance's good male friend as your bridal party would look great - it's a modern twist to the usual tradition. One bridesman escorted the bride's mother down the aisle, with the bride being escorted by her Dad behind. Yes, Pippa won't return my calls either!
Best wishes Rita Cohann

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