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Sneakers .... seriously ???

MollyT Tuesday, 9th of August 2011

My partner has been talking about wearing sneakers with a three piece suit. According to him he will look "totally rad" and wants to be comfortable all day long in his "fresh kicks".

Am I being too old fashioned... or will this just look tacky ?

I have had one client wear red converse sneakers with a traditional black suit. The sneakers were special to him and his bride for some reason so they had a good reason for him to wear them. I don't think you are old fashioned and it would take a man with some style to pull this look off. I'd argue that the day is more important to you than him and convince him to get a colourful pocket square and tie if he wants to assert his individuality.

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FlyGirl Friday, 7th October 2011 10:15 PM

"Fresh kicks" would totally rock with a fine suit!! I've seen weddings where the groom has worn them and it' was dope. But really...if you have to ask yourself "can I get away with it?" then you probably aren't rad enough anyway.

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