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Stephanie Monday, 11th of November 2013

I'm having a hard time deciding on a photographer (that also includes video). I don't want to spend a LARGE chunk of our budget on this part of the wedding BUT i want to capture our day and show each other the parts we missed.

Any advice to help narrow the choice and price when choosing???

Hmmmm...How long is a piece of rope?? This is a personal choice. Your wedding should be all about what you want - not what other people think you should be doing - or spending. Some of the loveliest wedding I have photographed have been low budget DIY events. Professional photographers and videographers will be worth paying for. However, if you want to reduce the amount you spend on these services I suggest that you ask for a reduced coverage, or coverage at just one location to keep the costs down. Talk to your photographer and give then am amount that you want to spend and ask what they can do for that price. Remember to check that they are a bonafide professional. Ask if they are a member of the AIPP. Good luck, hope this helps. Linda Pottage. Bluehouse Studio

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