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Laurelle Saturday, 5th of October 2013

Hi there, I am considering using artificial flowers (white roses) at my wedding for the centrepieces. Is this a terrible idea for a wedding? I know that the flowers usually brings out the wedding colours, but is there other ways I could bring out our wedding colours?

hi ! thanks for your question.

can i ask why you were considering artificial flowers over fresh?

i'm a little biased but i love that fresh flowers are fragrant and people are drawn to their beauty.
Is it a decision based on cost? some of our brides use their arrangements as gifts for their guests at the end of the night as a way of ensuring they don't go to waste and that they'll be appreciated for longer!
Are there any other colours you're using in the wedding apart from white? what colour are your bridesmaids dresses/ colours already in the venue?
What style is your venue too? these are all things we look at when considering colour schemes to bring a cohesive look to your day.
Hope this helps!

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