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Jessica Tuesday, 2nd of July 2013

Hi, I am only just starting to look at Venues for our wedding in Feb 2015 & have had three appointments with wedding consultants at different venues and looked at countless websites but Im just wondering what is the standard minimum spend for a reception? I know there are a number of factors to consider, but the range across different venues is staggering! We are looking at spending no more than 30K for the entire wedding with approximately 70-80 guests.

Thanks in advance ... Jess

Hi Jess.
Given your numbers I'm not at all surprised that you are getting a wide range of minimum spends and it can be a long and difficult process for smaller more intimate groups. The minimum spend set by each venue is determined by there capacity for the most part. If a venue can seat 300 guests on any given night then it stands to reason that their minimum spends are going to be $30,000+ for peak dates on a Saturday. Often minimum spends can be a little lower too on the Friday/Sunday night, so it might be worth while considering this as an alternative option. For a group your size I would recommend looking for venues with a minimum spend between $8000 and $15,000 maximum. I think this would be a reasonable expectation around spend depending on your requirements and budget. Anything more than this and you're probably paying premiums with little return on investment. I would start with the small to medium venues who cater for no more than 150. These groups are likely to have lower minimum spends and you'll hopefully find that the discrepancy is not so great. We hope this helps.
The Willows

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