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Vikki Corones

Very Special Celebrations

I have a great passion and enjoyment for helping brides and their families choose the perfect bomboniere and other finishing touches for their special day. In my boutique, Very Special Celebrations, I offer high quality bomboniere, accessories, gifts and so much more, in an inspiring retail environment with a fresh, vibrant atmosphere. Not only can brides shop online via our website, but they can also visit in person to really get a feel for the products and receive valuable information and advice. I would be delighted to offer information and advice to brides researching via Bride Online, as part of their wedding planning process.



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can you please give me an idea of want is the lastest in bomboniere. What is current and popular? View Answer


needing advice and help

Hi i\'m looking for bomboniers that are to do with house renovations eg, minature wood and hammers to put on the tables for the guests. View Answer

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