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Mary-Anne Lowe

Bramleigh Estate

having worked with over 10,000 weddings, say no more! Vast range of experience from decorations/styling/themeing & running events/weddings etc. I am well known in the melb wedding market, and can generally fix any problem, find any supplier and love to work on the "different" events. Owner and operator of wedding industry businesses for over 12 years.


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Wedding Venues

reception centre for small weddings

Hi I want to find a reception centre that will cater for a smaller wedding (approx 40 people) and one that will also allow me to bring in some alcohol as I have an allergy to beer and wine so would View Answer

Wedding Venues


Hi my fiancee and i would like to have a wedding ceremony at night with nice fairy lights etc? does anyone know where allows night weddings in brisbane? i cant seem to find anywhere? thanks a View Answer

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