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Male or Female?

How do I decide who's more appropriate for my ceremony - a Male or Female celebrant? View Answer



Is Africa a safe place for a honeymoon? View Answer

Wedding Invitations

Invitation Budget?

How much should i allocate for my budget for my invitations and all the other cards? View Answer

Wedding Photography

Do I need an assistant?

I have narrowed down my photographers to the style im looking for, yey me! View Answer

Hair and Makeup

Makeup option

Is it common for a bride to get made up a few times before the wedding day in different styles, and then choose the best? Or do I trust my makeup artist to get it right first time? View Answer

Wedding Dresses

What to wear on my wedding I am Mzondi Lungu

Hi am Mzondi Lungu and black in colour my butt is heavy and hight is 5" 1 . Can u suggest what dress i can choose for my wedding day? View Answer

Wedding Cakes

Wedding cake

Hi there - are the wedding cakes with cupcake tiers appropriate for a wedding? I would like something different other than the plain 3 tier cake. any advice? View Answer

Wedding Accessories

Cleaning satin shoes

Hi, I am borrowing my sister's wedding shoes and there are a few grass stains on the heels from her wedding. What is the best way to clean and remove the stains? View Answer

Can My Friend Marry Me?
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