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What should I have for my Bombonaire?

I am just wondering what is the average price for personalised rock candy? I have enquired at a few different places and the cheapest quote I got was $5.00 per bombonaire.. is this normal for them to View Answer

Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cake

Is it a trend now to have cup cakes for a wedding cake?? would it work out to be more expensive or roughly the same? View Answer



can you please give me an idea of want is the lastest in bomboniere. What is current and popular? View Answer

Wedding Flowers


which flowers are in season for a Sept / Oct wedding. I want fresh flowers and would also like to know which ones will last the whole day? View Answer


Wedding Vows?

So we have decided not to write our own wedding vows due to the fh's refusal however I seem to have searched high and low for good pre written vows but cannot find any that suit us. Is this something View Answer

Wedding Hire

Primary School Theme

My FH and I met when we were 5 years old in primary school and we were in the same prep class. I then had my first crush on him in grade 2. In grade 5 we went to different schools and lost touch. Then View Answer


How do I choose one??????

I have looked at a few celebrants and they are all so nice....but I need to pick one!!!!...HELP View Answer

Wedding Photography

Styling of Photography

I'm in a bit of a dilemma. I can't decide on what style of photos I want for my wedding View Answer


I dont have any bridesmaids!!!!

I only have male friends... it would be weird to ask the girls at work as I havent been there very long. My fiance wants to at least have his best man and pippa middleton won't return my calls . View Answer

Formal Wear

Sneakers .... seriously ???

My partner has been talking about wearing sneakers with a three piece suit. According to him he will look "totally rad" and wants to be comfortable all day long in his "fresh kicks". View Answer

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