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Wedding Planner

Should I choose a theme for my wedding?

I am considering a 1960's retro theme for my wedding. Is this a good idea? View Answer

Bridesmaid Dresses

Colours, who matches who

I have picked to colours for my wedding, purple and green. My dress is going to be ivory with a little purple, so I matched my partner with a purple tie. My bridesmaids I was looking at putting them View Answer

Wedding Invitations

bombonierre with invitations?

Do most brides get bombonierre with their invitations? View Answer

Wedding Invitations

stand alone cards

Do most brides get invitations alone or with the accompanying RSVP, place, thankyou and other cards? View Answer


Couture vs Custom

How is couture different then a custom made dress and what is involved - design/cost wise? View Answer

Hens Night

magicians for entertainment?

how popular are magicians at weddings/hen's nights? View Answer

Wedding Videographers

video budget

How much should i budget for video for the wedding? photography seems expensive enough... View Answer

Wedding Cakes

carrot cake?

whats the most typical filling for wedding cake - is it still carrot? View Answer



In terms of etiquette, are there particular standards for the bride & groom and guests to adhere to? View Answer

Hens Night

Is strippers the way to go?

Im thinking about going to the strippers, seeing that I am getting married soon there is nothing wrong with looking. Otherwise i wanted something with lots of drinking and partying....Any help??? View Answer

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