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Bridesmaid Dresses


I want to ask my SIL to be a BM but she doesnt wear dresses. I dont want her to feel uncomfortable, I know its my day. But what should i do? expect her to wear a dress or would it look ok if she wore View Answer

Formal Wear

Hire or Buy Groom's suit

what is the average cost involved with hiring a suit for the groom ? I am trying to work out whether to buy or hire. View Answer

Wedding Dance Lessons

Bridal Waltz

How many dance lessons do you suggest to learn a bridal waltz ? View Answer


Fiesta!!! han visto a mi perro u taco

My fiancé has always wanted a mariachi band to pop up surprise everyone as soon as we have exchanged our vowels...a little bit like out of a taco advertisement on tv. Appropriate? And if so, any View Answer

Hair and Makeup

Artist on Standby?

I was recently at a wedding and noticed that the makeup artist was still hanging around and giving the bride some touchups throughout the day. View Answer


Overseas Weddings

We have been playing around with the idea of an overseas wedding. View Answer

Bridesmaid Dresses

Beach Theme

I'm having a beach themed wedding, I was just wondering what colours I should choose for my bridesmaids View Answer

Wedding Venues

reception centre for small weddings

Hi I want to find a reception centre that will cater for a smaller wedding (approx 40 people) and one that will also allow me to bring in some alcohol as I have an allergy to beer and wine so would View Answer

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