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Photo booths are a great party favourite combining fun, memories and special messages to the bridal couple. There are many options for photo booths, from retro styled photo booths to take us back to the glory days of the 1950's to the latest and greatest architecturally designed digital masterpieces that have complete functionality and have the most sophisticated photographic hardware. Photo booths are great for Hen's & Buck's nights, engagement parties, reception functions and any other type of party.

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Everything You Need to Know About Photo Booths

Everything You Need to Know About Photo Booths

Looking for a fun way to jazz up your reception and personalise your photos even further? Photo booths just might be the perfect solution..


All About Photo Booth

Photo Booth FAQs

Does a photographer take the shots in the photo booth? This depends on what type of photo booth you choose. Some are operated by a photographer whilst others are fully automated. Why should we include a photo booth as part of the reception? They are great for capturing candid moments...

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Photo Booth Checklist

Photo booths tend to bring out the silly side of everyone who enters. They keep your guests entertained and they inspire some hilarious moments, captured forever in print. Photo booths help to ensure that these memories last a lifetime, yet they're far from time consuming to arrange, if you follow...

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Livening Up Your Photobooth

Wedding photos are there to remind you of your magical day, long after you’ve forgotten the taste of your cake and how much you laughed at Uncle Dave’s dance moves.

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Photo Booth Glossary

Backdrop: Not to be confused with the wedding decoration, this is traditionally a coloured, painted or printed cloth which is hung in front of the camera and behind the wedding guests...

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How to: Hiring a Photobooth

Opting to hire a photobooth ensures two things when it comes to your wedding: a) pure, unadulterated entertainment, and b) fab photos for you to include in your photo album(s).

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