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Mother of the Bride Outfits in Australia

As the mother of the bride or groom you want to look glamorous and feel confident and comfortable at the wedding. It is a rare opportunity for you to dress up and accessorise and look stunning. Options range from of-the-shelf outfits to designer labels to custom designed, hand-made dresses. You will find a selection of Australia's top mother of the bride dresses at the fashion outlets of Bride Online.

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Mother of the Bride Checklist

Mother of the Bride Checklist

Before you even start tackling any of the tasks on your list, sit down with Mum and have a heart-to-heart about what role you expect her to play in planning your wedding..


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Mother of the Bride FAQs

What are the Mother of the Bride’s responsibilities at the ceremony? The Mother of the Bride usually helps the bride into her wedding dress and veil on her wedding day and may even walk her down the aisle. Many brides ask their mothers to sign the marriage registry as a...

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Mother of the Bride Glossary

Bridal shower: a small pre-wedding party where the bride’s favourite women gather in a home or restaurant to congratulate the bride on her nuptials. In the past, the Maid of Honour was responsible for arranging the bridal shower and hen’s night. However, these days, many Mothers of the Bride arrange...

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How to: Shopping for Mum's Formal Wear

 To the best of my knowledge, there are three types of mothers' dress sense: 1. She has immaculate taste and always look timeless and elegant. 2. Her dress sense is...

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The Roles of the Mother and Father of the Bride

Your wedding day will be amongst the proudest and most special moments for you and your parents. There are many duties that can be done by the parents to incorporate...

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