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Bridal Lingerie FAQs

What type of lingerie should I wear under my wedding dress?

Something comfortable and supportive, which creates a seamless silhouette when worn with your dress. White, ivory and nude tones are safest on your wedding day. Try to match the colour of your lingerie to the colour of your dress or to the colour of your skin, as closely as possible. 

My wedding dress is backless. Do I have to go bra-less?

We would recommend not going bra-less simply because you will have no support without a bra and you run the risk of your dress turning transparent under flash photography (not the kind of attention you want on your wedding day). There are some backless bras available which hook onto the waistline. You may even be able to discuss bespoke options with your dressmaker. If you have a small cup size, adhesive gel cups might be a good option to offer coverage, but not offer enough support to bigger busted women. 

Do I have to wear the same lingerie on my wedding night as what I wore during the ceremony?

No. In fact, often times, it’s best not to. The lingerie you wear during the day should be primarily chosen to cover and support you. It doesn’t necessarily need to look pretty; it just needs to be comfortable and invisible under your dress. Extra details like lace and frills might add lumps and bumps under your dress so it’s usually best to buy two sets of lingerie for your wedding: one plain set for the day time and one beautiful set for night-time intimacy.  

My dress is quite lightweight and I’m worried that my panty line will be visible. Are there any lingerie options to get around this?

There are some seamless underwear styles available but you may find that they ride up over the course of the day. Another option would be purchasing pantyhose with built in underwear in order to keep the smooth, clean line of the dress. 


When should I start buying bridal lingerie?

You can purchase a few different sets over any period of time before your wedding so that you have a variety to choose from during the honeymoon. You should, however, make sure that you have purchased the lingerie you are planning to wear on the day well in advance. This way, you can take the lingerie to your dress fittings and make sure that a smooth silhouette is achieved. Your dressmaker can then make any necessary adjustments or, if worst comes to worst, you can purchase more suitable lingerie to wear under your dress.

Who should buy the bride’s lingerie?

This can be a collaborative effort or you can purchase it yourself. If you are buying it yourself, it might be a good idea to take a friend along for a second opinion. You may find that your girlfriends also give you some lingerie on your hen’s night. A fun bridal shower or hen’s night activity is a lingerie party where a lingerie company representative comes to the party and displays their products. Your friends can purchase lingerie for themselves and can chip in to purchase items that you would like to wear on your honeymoon. This is a good opportunity for your friends to make you blush and give you some cheeky accessories. 

Can I wear any coloured lingerie or does a bride have to wear white on her wedding night?

Tradition states that the bride should wear white on her wedding night. However, many brides choose to wear other colours, these days. Lingerie is available in every colour under the sun and it depends on what sort of look you after. If you are afraid that white may send too demure a message to your husband, think again! There are so many different styles of lingerie available that white can suit a doe-eyed bride right through to a wild and seductive bride. 

I have very fair skin. What colour lingerie would suit me?

You're lucky! Your complexion allows for a wide spectrum of colours. Bright, bold colours will stand out against your beautiful pale canvas whilst soft pastels will also blend well with the cool undertones of your skin. If you want to send your beloved a “girl next door” message, you might choose soft colours whereas you could surprise him with strong red or hot pink undergarments if you’re going for a more seductive look.

 My skin is medium-toned. Will I suit any colour of lingerie?

Mid-toned skin, or honey-toned skin, is a little muted and so, it tends to suit muted colours like dusty pink, mauve or creamy neutrals. Play around with different colours in this mid-spectrum until you find something that really suits your complexion and makes your eyes pop. Most importantly, find a colour that you feel comfortable wearing and that makes you feel a bit sexy. 

What colour lingerie suits olive-skinned brides?

Olive skin tends to suit rich neutral colours such as charcoal grey and chocolate brown because of your complexion’s darker undertones. However, your skin can also create a great backdrop for really vivid colours like red, cobalt blue or even yellow. Particularly dark skin especially suits bright statement colours. It depends on how playful or sultry you’re feeling as to what colour you should choose for your wedding night.

I’m quite conservative and am a little nervous about my wedding night. What type of lingerie can I wear that will allow me to keep my modesty but still look sexy for my new husband?

Pastel colours are great for keeping a modest, more innocent look whilst still turning your husband on. If you want to cover up a bit, boy legs, a chemise and/or stockings may help you feel more comfortable whilst still oozing sex appeal. Lacy garments can add a modest yet alluring touch, too.

My tummy is a bit bigger than I’d like it to be and I’m nervous about wearing lingerie in front of my husband post-dress-drop. Is there any type of lingerie that I can wear to cover my bulge but still look sexy?

Absolutely! Lace and mesh panels on panties work really well to tuck in and hide lumps and bumps (they also do a good job of hiding stretch marks). Suspendered bottoms are a good choice as they are designed to sit higher on the waistline, with the front panel covering up your belly. You could also go for a flowy satin chemise to cover up your midriff. If you’d like to really suck in your trunk, a corset or corset-bustier combo should do the trick but some women find them uncomfortable so the decision is up to you.

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My chest is flatter than a pancake. What is the best way to boost the appearance of my breast-size without using stick-on cups?

You may be a pirate’s delight with a sunken chest but your husband may not be too delighted when an adhesive gel cup falls into his hand. For flat-chested gals, a bra with underwire demi cups can work wonders for your (perceived) chest size and confidence. 

I’d like to add a bit of extra cleavage on my wedding night. What sort of bra should I look for?

Find a bra which has extra padding in the sides. This will push your breasts up and together, creating that lovely cleavage line. 

I have an athletic body shape and would like to look a little more feminine on my wedding night. Can you offer me any tips or tricks?

Many designers would argue that there is nothing more feminine than lace. A deep V cut bra with a little push-up action will give you a little extra cleavage. Combining a lacy push up bra with some matching panties will add soft curves to your lean, fit body. High-cut bottoms will also allow you to flaunt those narrow hips.

I have wide hips and a big bottom which I am quite self-conscious about. What sort of lingerie can I wear that will keep my husband’s eyes away from this problem area?

It sounds like you are a pear-shape, as are the majority of women. Sir Mix-a-Lot declared his preference for big butts and you may find that your man prefers them, too. However, if you are feeling really self-conscious about it, follow the advice of many fashion experts who recommend that pears dress to draw attention to their tiny waist and beautiful décolletage area. Wearing decorative bras with bright splashes of colour, combined with neutral boy leg bottoms, will draw his eyes up to where you want them to be. You might even like to opt for a push up bra to balance out your curves.   

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