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The bridal lingerie category includes the special wedding underwear needed to make the bride look her best in her wedding dress. Once the wedding is over, sexy, seductive lingerie helps to make the wedding night and the honeymoon super romantic and memorable. Choose from a wide range of wedding lingerie, corsets & bridal underwear suppliers at Bride Online.

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How to Choose Your Wedding Lingerie

How to Choose Your Wedding Lingerie

All bodies are different, and we all want to feel sexy on their wedding night. Whether you’re sweet and demure or daringly delightful, your dream wedding night can be made even more heavenly with the right lingerie..


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Bridal Lingerie Checklist

One of the keys to make certain that your dress looks amazing on your big day is to ensure that the lingerie underneath is flattering. There are two types of wedding lingerie you need to purchase: wedding day-time and wedding night-time/honeymoon. This checklist will help keep you on track with...

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How to: Get the Right Bra Fit

Breasts come in an extraordinary array of shapes, sizes, colour, texture, bounciness, etc (you get our drift). But the one thing that most boobs have in common is that they’re all too often housed inside the wrong bra. In fact, recent studies estimate that 80-85% of ladies are wearing the...

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Bridal Lingerie Glossary

Babydoll: A loose fitting nightgown which usually reaches just below the hips. A babydoll is usually sleeveless, with spaghetti straps or cap sleeves and is often made of silk or...

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Bridal Lingerie FAQs

What type of lingerie should I wear under my wedding dress? Something comfortable and supportive, which creates a seamless silhouette when worn with your dress. White, ivory and nude tones...

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How to: Choosing Your Wedding Shapewear

I think we can all agree that one cannot underestimate the power of the almighty undies. Great underwear will not only help shape your body in ways you thought beyond...

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