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Kickass Bucks Party Ideas

If you're wanting to organise a memorable night out with your best mates, but don't wan't to go the traditional 'strippers and jaeger' route, we've come up with some great alternatives (that you'll be able to remember). 



    Get physical.

    Go rafting, hiking, abseiling, rock climbing, paragliding, bugee- jumping, or anything else that tickles your adrenaline- seeking fancy.

      Hit the road.

      Get a map out and choose a scenic route, or be spontaneous and go wherever the road takes you. Clear a day in your schedule to burn up that tank of petrol. Stop along the way at any interesting road- side stores, vendors or eateries and take photos to remember it by.


        Have a round or two of paintball, skirmish or laser tag. These can be held both indoors and outdoors, so whatever time of day and type of buck's night party you'd like to throw, there'll be a suitable option for you.

          Track your ponies.

          Hitting the races isn't just for October- have your group dress in all their finery, place some bets (after asking the advice of the regulars, of course), sip on your favourite single malt, and while the day away.

            Book an extended golf tour!

            This can be drawn out to cover a few days, like the pros. If you've had your eye on a particularly great, non-local course, you can always make a road trip of it.

            Get away.

            Hire a cottage in the country or by the sea, or even a houseboat on your closest river and spend a  quality night with your mates.

              Get a-sailing.

              Hire a yacht for an evening, open a bottle of champagne, and celebrate your buck's night in style.

                A need for speed?

                If you'd like an easy, toned down version, have a go at go-karting. But if you'd like something to get your adrenaline pumping, organise to drive a few laps in a formula one car, or simply a high- end sports car. Companies like redballoon.com.au and adrenaline.com.au have a vast variety of options.

                  Bring Sin- City to you.

                  Book a night at a decadent hotel and hit the tables. Play through the night, crash when the sun comes up, and rise for a fancy dinner (and maybe one last round- of both drinks and at the tables).

                     If the mountain won't come to Mohammed...

                    If you want the fun and excitement of a night out at the casino, without actually leaving the house, host a game night spectacular. Kick back with beer and some spirits of your choice, order in pizza, and enjoy a night of relaxed fun.

                      Light it up.

                      Hit your local cigar bar. Indulge in some of the finest cigars on offer, while enjoying a drink and your group's company.

                        Get the VIP treatment.

                        If you really want to make a go of this 'last hurrah' thing, consider renting a room at your favourite club. Order champagne and shots, or even organise an open-bar arrangement, hit the dance floor, and pull a memorable all nighter.

                          Make a meal of it.

                          Take a trip to a 3-hat restuarant and eat like kings. Order a few bottles of the best wine available, and revel in your sophistication.

                            Get your swirling wrist ready.

                            Hire a minibus and go on a wine tour. With some of the best wines in the world being produced in Australia, it seems a little ridiculous to not try this one out. 

                              Whatever you end up doing, it should be secondary to the real point of the Buck's party- spending some real, quality time to bond with your mates before you're whisked away into married life!

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