Award winning Stylist & Hair Extensions Expert

Joseph Mourad is a stylish and modern Hair Dressing Salon located in Double Bay.
This glamorous salon is renound for its quality in hair design and styling, especially in hair extensions.

Joseph Mourad himself is an expert when it comes to hair extensions and women from all over Australia and the world have come to his salon for his expertise.

Girl in white shirt, Joseph Mourad Hair & Beauty, Hair and Makeup, Australia Wide

Joseph Mourad is committed to providing clients with a 6 star service with the latest in hair, skin and beauty treatments; constantly introducing new and unique techniques from around the globe.

Qualified staff are employed by Joseph to meet the highest expectations of his clients and ensure that they are more than satisfied.

Joseph Mourad started his hairdressing career in one of Sydney's biggest hair salons. He attained experience from the best hairdressers in Sydney, then decided to open up his own salon in Manly in 1991. He called it Hair Origin and he was there for 3 years.

Girl with white hair, Joseph Mourad Hair & Beauty, Hair and Makeup, Australia Wide

He built up his client base and soon became very well known for his quality in hair design and styling, therefore moving to a more central location. In 1994 Hair Origin moved to the City and remained there for 4 years.

After working in Paddington for 1 year, Joseph moved to Double Bay in 1996 and opened a salon in the Cosmopolitan centre called CJ Models. This salon boomed instantly and Joseph needed a bigger place to extend his services to his clients.

He then opened a much bigger salon in the same Cosmopolitan Centre and called it Joseph Mourad Hair & Beauty. This salon took off from the start and has been operating for 6 years. Joseph and his team at Joseph Mourad Hair & Beauty look forward to many more years of success in the hair and beauty industry.


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