A bride walking down the aisle is a magnificent sight. Her skin is glowing, her makeup is flawless, her dress is sublime and there is not a hair out of place. All eyes are on her and rarely, if ever, does she disappoint. If there is one day in your life where you wanted to look your absolute best, all women would agree it's your wedding day. Every witness to the ceremony has their eyes on you and you're the focal point of every photograph. No detail should be overlooked.

What better excuse do you have to get goddess-like locks with hair extensions?

Dos: Go for permanent prebonded hair extensions. The bonds are the same colour as your hair and are so discrete you won't have to worry about them showing.

Great Lengths prebonded hair extensions are available in over 50 colours and each colour is a blend of colours for a natural effect. Certified technicians are trained to then blend up to 3 colours to achieve the most natural looking results.

Do a roadtest. Get 20-30 strands in for volume approximately 6 months before so that you can get used to having the extensions in your hair. It also gives you an idea of how many you'd need for the wedding look. Leading up to the big day, have your colour done approximately 2 weeks before and the hair extensions applied a week to 10 days before. this gives you enough time to fit in a trial before the day too.

Enjoy thick, glamorous locks throughout your honeymoon too. Prebonded hair extensions last up to 4 months. Great Lengths hair extensions have a beautiful natural beachy wave to them if you leave them to dry naturally, perfect honeymoon hair.


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- angela .K 4

Jan 7th 2014

I’ve tried microlinks before and I wasn’t happy with the quality of the hair, it was dry and wiry. I’d heard of Great Lengths and their reputation for the best hair quality and I’m so glad I made the change. The hair is amazing. My stylist did such a fantastic job of blending colours and cutting that the results are so natural no one would be able to tell that it wasn’t all my own hair. And the bonds are the same colour as the hair so they’re almost invisible, I’m not self conscious about tying my hair up or being adventurous with different looks. I’ve had Great Lengths twice now and my normal hairstylist could not see any damage to my hair at all after the Great Lengths were removed, good to hear after the previous brand I was using left my scalp sensitive and snapped some of my hair at the bonds!

- sarah 4

Oct 11th 2011

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