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Grooming the Groom: Face First

I’m willing to bet that even with his rough and tough exterior, Jason Statham has a good skincare routine, because today - real men get facials! You’re one half of the bridal couple, and that means you’ll want to look and feel your best when you get married. We’ve provided you with a few simple steps, to help you get your handsome mug camera-ready for the big day.


Face the Facts

Let’s start with your skincare routine. Gone are the days when splashing water on your face was considered good enough. The men of today are making time to look after their skin, and they’re cleansing, exfoliating, moisturising and applying sunblock. Blemish-free and glowing skin is what you’re after, but this is only achieved with a proper routine that begins months in advance. Here are some tips for you to follow:

- Choose a cleanser that’s doesn’t contain alcohol or fragrance as these tend to dry out your skin.
- Use your cleanser in the morning and evening to remove dirt and oil
- You can add a toner to your routine, particularly if you’ve just been to the gym and you’re a bit more sweaty than usual.
- Exfoliate once or twice a week, with a gentle product that suits your skin type, as this helps to remove dead skin cells.
- Don’t use your body exfoliator for your face as it’s too harsh
- Use a moisturiser that suits your skin type and wear an SPF during the day
- It’s never too early to start using eye cream
- Visit a dermatologist if you have problem skin, or you want advice about how to treat your skin type.

The F Word

Don’t turn and run when your dearly beloved mentions facials. With your wedding around the corner, it’s a good excuse to give it a try. Just this once. Book yourself a session – especially if you have problem skin – to test it out. Chances are you’ll discover just why women love it, and you’ll be heading back within the month.
A facial removes blackheads, open pores, cleanses and tones your skin, and it ensures that the bride isn’t the only one with a marital glow. You should avoid going in the final two weeks before you get married, in case there’s a mishap, or your skin has a negative reaction.

Just remember to relax and enjoy the experience, none of your friends are going to see you, and if they do, well they’re there getting a facial too.



Are you sporting two hairy caterpillars above your eyes, or worse, a unibrow? Now is the time to sort these boys out. You may just need to pluck a few strays, or perhaps require more heavy duty gardening, either way, giving them shape and making them a bit neater can completely transform your appearance.

If you’ve decided to remove them at home, these are the steps:

- Hot water opens your pores, making the plucking less painful, so tackle your brows after a hot shower.
- Brush your brows with a comb or your fingers, and those hairs that are noticeably longer than the rest must be trimmed.
- Hairs that have decided to sprout outside your natural brow line, above and below, need to be plucked.
- Draw an imaginary line straight up from the middle of each nostril – this is the start of each brow – so pluck what’s in between but don’t overdo it.
- You don’t want feminine brows, so if you’re stuck, ask your fiancée for help

Plan B - get your barber to do it for you.

Ears and Nose

Nobody wants to see stray hairs creeping out of your ears or your nose - have them trimmed when you visit your barber, or buy a multi-purpose trimmer and do it at home. 

Teeth Tactics

You’re firmly in the limelight on your wedding day, and you don’t want camera lenses focusing on your coffee-stained teeth. Guarantee that you have a pearly grin by getting your teeth whitened. You can use a home kit, or visit a dentist and have them professionally cleaned. On your wedding day you should also add a packet of mints to your pocket, to kiss your bride with minty freshness.


The Bold and the Beard

Beards are in one season, and out of favour the next, so when you’re choosing your wedding look don’t follow trends, go for something that you (and your wife-to-be!) will like. If you normally sport some facial growth, then have your beard trimmed and neatened, and make sure your cheeks and neck are smooth.

For the clean-shaven option you can take care of your beard at home, or visit a professional.

The home choice

All men have different shaving habits, because all hair grows at different rates. Some men can get away with shaving every few days, while others have a shadow by lunchtime. We know you’ve been shaving for years, but no shave is as important as the one on W Day, so this is how you should be doing it:

- Skip the day before so you have a smoother result.
- Shave during or just after a hot shower, as this is when your pores are open and your hair is soft.
- Start by exfoliating to lift hairs and prevent ingrown, but be careful if you have sensitive skin.
- You can also use pre-shave softening oils.
- Lather up with shaving cream and use a new razor – not a cheap disposable – and shave with the grain
- Reapply shaving cream and gently shave against the grain, so you can get a closer shave, but reduce the chance of nicks.
- Use a repair balm or a good moisturiser to soothe your skin.
- Avoid alcohol-based aftershaves which dry out your face.

The professional path

Head to your favourite barber and treat yourself to a traditional wet shave. You can even take your groomsmen along and make it a lad’s event. Not only is it the closest shave you’ll get, but it’s the manly equivalent of a facial, and with another man holding a sharp blade to your throat, it has that thrill of danger. Book an appointment for the morning of your wedding, and you’ll have the smoothest skin possible. It’s also the perfect way for you to calm your nerves on the big day.

Daily Diet

We’re not talking about eating carrot sticks and drinking kale smoothies every day, but if you want healthy skin, it begins on the inside. Don’t start an eating plan that’s unsustainable, you want to follow a balanced diet that doesn’t end after your honeymoon.

Increase your fruit intake - particularly blueberries, grapefruit and apples – and don’t forget about your veggies by loading up on beets, broccoli and bell peppers. Opt for sweet potatoes rather than normal ones, always choose the whole grain route, and add nuts and pulses to your diet, like walnuts, almonds and lentils. Lean meat is the way to go, and you want to increase how much fish you eat – especially salmon and cod. Water, water, water! Drink your quota as it helps you feel full, hydrates your skin and it flushes out toxins. It’s also important to get enough sleep and to get active.

Say goodbye to processed and fast food, eat less food that has a high salt content and avoid drinks and food with plenty of sugar. And, unfortunately, if you’re serious about looking and feeling better, you have to decrease your alcohol intake. Don’t panic, we said decrease, not give up!


The groom is in the spotlight just as much as his fiancée on their wedding day, and that’s why it’s important to be looking your most dashing. Being well-groomed isn’t a happy accident, so follow your skincare routine and you’ll soon be feeling good about yourself, and when you feel good, you also look good. Bite the bullet, put in the effort, and put on some moisturiser.

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