Destination Weddings and Overseas Weddings

n. A wedding held at a foreign destination, generally associated with the exotic.

Wedding Couple under the Eiffel TowerIn other words, destination weddings attempt to bring together what are arguably the best offerings life presents us with: travel, adventure, our closest family and friends, and, of course, an opportunity to kick up our heels and let our hair (garlanded with fresh flowers, of course) down.

The draw of planning a destination wedding comprises of the fact that they:

  • Often come in complete packages. Having your venue work automatically and necessarily work in conjunction with all of your vendors and planners makes the event as stress free and simple as possible!
  • Necessitate a smaller guest list. So no need to feel guilty over not inviting your third cousin or work colleagues you aren't particularly close with. Invite only your nearest and dearest, if you plan on inviting anyone at all! After all, pictures and videos of the event go a long way.
  • Often cost significantly less than a wedding in your hometown. In accordance with Destination Wedding etiquette, the bride and groom's families pay for their guests accommodation, food, and some of the guests' expenses. This is, however, mitigated by the fact that exchange rates in the most popular wedding destinations are weaker than the Aussie dollar (i.e. more bang for your buck), Additionally, you'll be catering to a comparably small wedding party. Less money per head = less money in total spent.
  • Your wedding destination can double as your honeymoon destination! Considerably more glamorous than a local hotel, and it gives you the perfect excuse to return for future wedding anniversaries!
  • Of course, they provide a wonderful opportunity for everyone involved to escape from their daily routine. Just in case you needed more convincing.

In this section, we'll be addressing any and all issues that you may come across while planning your Destination Wedding- from what to look for in a great long-distance planner, to how to thank all those involved, post production.

So what are you waiting for?

Come on in to start planning your dream wedding- the water's fine!

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