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Brand Awareness

Advertising is a great way to help get your content found and consumed, proven to result in long-term residual effects.

Qualified Leads

Our audience is women aged between 18 and 35, who are recently engaged or are in the middle of planning their wedding.

SEO Boost

Having your business featured on a reputable industry website increases your online reputation with the search engines.

Budget Friendly

Our couples re asking for more options to choose from. That’s why we cater our packages to suit all budgets.

Attracting Engaged Couples since 1999

Our attention these days is all online. People walking down the street, their heads buried in their phones. Look at the cars next to you when stopped at the traffic lights. It’s scary as hell. People are on their phones! It makes me scared to drive. Then, we finally get to work. We are on the internet again.

This is where our attention is. This is where you will be found.

Our Features

Directory Listing

Be found in our directory by couples searching for wedding services in your area.

Profile Page

Showcase your business with a link to your website and your favourite contact options.

Image Gallery

Don’t just tell them you are great, show them!

Easy To Edit

Access to our customer dashboard gives you full control over all of your content.

Fully Responsive

Works seamlessly on mobile devices, because well, who isn’t using a smartphone these days?

Friendly Support

From setting up your profile to free digital marketing advice, we’re here to help.

Trusted By Google

Age is a major ranking factor. First launched in 1999,  this makes us an authority site on Google for weddings. As you know, having a link to your site from a reputable site, increases your own SEO efforts. We currently rank on the first page of Google for “Wedding Venues Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane .”

As with customer trust, the more reputable sites you are found on, the more you are trusted by Google. We provide a direct link to your website, which passes on ‘link juice‘ from and increases your brand’s online reputation.

Site Traffic

We have an average of 326,000 unique visitors per year and building. As you know from the BDM statistics, there is an average of 115,000 weddings per year.

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