Your wedding photography questions answered!

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We sat down with professional photographer Shannon Morris of 24 Frames armed with our readers questions. Read on for some great advice on posing, light and themes.


Q. Whats the best pose to look like a celebrity?

A: There’s a millions different ways to pose for your wedding photos, but when it comes down to that celebrity look, there’s a few hints that’ll help on the day.
1. Be natural – there’s nothing more beautiful and meaningful on your wedding day than being in love and letting it show. Don’t be too stressed about looking like a celebrity because if you look like you’re happy and in love with each other, the chemistry will shine right through into the pictures.
2. Don’t be afraid to laugh. It might sound obvious, but if you worry too much about how you’re looking and which shoulder to look over for that skinny arm ‘red carpet’ look, you might not be having as much fun… Pictures of couple smiling at each other and actually laughing make amazing photographs because you can see the couple relating to each other, not just the photorgapher.
3. Actually doing something together is a good way of engaging with each other and forgetting about the camera – the kind of pictures we all love have that sense of spontaneity about them that is best captured when you’re walking together, laughing at a joke, or running along a beach.
4. You don’t have to look at the camera all the time – it’s often a great look to see a bride or groom – or both looking out of the picture rather than at the photographer – remember, it’s all about the mood of the images.

Q. What time of day is the best to have photos taken?

A: Photographs can look amazing at any time of the day, but for that classic sunset look you can’t beat late afternoon. The light is warmer and comes in at an angle which is much nicer when it some to shadows – as opposed to a noontime high sun which will give you some pretty harsh shadows on your faces.

Q. How do i come up with a theme for my photography?

A theme for your photography should come from both the photographer and you guys. I think it should be based on the kind of wedding you’re having which ultimately is based on the personalities of the couple being married. The style and theme should reflect the kinds of things you both like, and the type of day you have planned. If you’re having a hand made, retro styled wedding, then with the photographer, you can plan the kind of style you want to capture and customize the look accordingly. If you’re having a classic white wedding then the photography will reflect it and you need to discuss with your photographer the kinds of portraits and locations that have the classic theme you love.
All in all, the photography them for your wedding is as unique and personal as you are, but the more you can chat about it with your photographer, the closer you’re likely to get to your vision, and the more beautiful the pictures will be.



Image:24 Frames Photography



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