Your perfect wedding shoes…. in the wrong colour. To dye or not to dye?

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You have found the PERFECT pair of wedding shoes… they are amazing, fit like a glove and are… wait for it… comfortable! The only problem? They are the wrong colour.

We were chatting to a bride this week whose search took her to the other side of the globe for a perfect pair of wedding shoes, only to discover they are most definitely the wrong colour. Her solution… to the horror of her bridesmaids… is to dye them!

Now, we aret talking about just any pair of shoes here, we are talking about Carrie Bradshaw inspired peep toes all the way from the big apple… yes that’s right, Manolo’s.

There are a number of DIY shoe dying videos on YouTube however we think this bride to be should be looking for a professional to dye her delicate peep toes to ensure she gets that perfect hue. There are so many people out there these days offering shoe dying services for a reasonable price, its almost easier to find your perfect shoes and then have it coloured to match!

So, tell us, would you look for the perfect shoe in another shade and consider having it coloured to match your weddings theme or will your hunt for your wedding shoes remain based on colour?

Image:Manalo Blahnik



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