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According to grandmothers everywhere, you can tell a lot about a woman by her hair and by her shoes. We all know a bride’s hair will be perfectly in place on her wedding day, but what about a bride’s shoes? How do we choose the perfect pair of shoes that will be comfortable but not look comfortable? Ones that will match the dress but not distract from it, and a pair of that when slipped on you instantly feel dressed and glamorous. Shoes not only make a statement about who you are, they are the cherry on the top that completes your outfit, so it’s important that some attention is paid when choosing the ideal pair of bridal shoes for your feet, dress sense and budget.

So…where do we start? A good place to start is by examining your dress. What style is it? What shape? What are the textures of the fabric? Are there any embellishments, and if so, how elaborate are they? All these things are important to consider before choosing your bridal shoes. A general rule to go by is that if your dress is quite extravagant, a pair of simple shoes will go well with it, but if your dress is quite simple, you have more room to get creative with a pair of dazzling, show stopping shoes.

Then you have to consider the shoe itself. How supportive is it? Will you be able to dance in it? What is the heel height? Is it one you are comfortable with? Will you end up being taller than your fiancé in them? Try them on. Do they feel comfortable? If there is anything that feels irritating now, remember that that feeling is likely to triple after 5 hours of wearing them. Try on the shoes again with your dress. Remember that if your dress was made to fit you without taking the shoes into consideration, you may have to get your dress adjusted or choose a smaller heel height. It’s a good idea to try to organize shoes while your dress is being made for this reason.

Then there is the issue of “dance-ability”. Wedding shoes must contain a fair share of dance-ability because all brides need the ability to dance. One solution adapted by many brides is to buy two pairs of shoes for their wedding night. One to wear during the photos and the official parts of the wedding ceremony when they themselves and their feet will be more on show, and another pair to change into when the dancing gets underway and their feet need a break. While it’s a good idea to purchase the first pair from a recognized bridal footwear specialist, the second pair can be a pair of cheap flats purchased from Payless Shoes or the like. You may even feel like to have some fun with the second pair and get a bright colour or a pair covered in sequins. It’s your wedding day so you get to call the shots. Wear shoes that make you happy, even if they are a bit silly.

Also keep in mind that bridal shoes are only really used once in your lifetime. If you’re worried about splurging on such an item, a good idea is to ask around with your friends who have already gotten married to see if you could borrow their wedding shoes. Not only will you save yourself a few pennies, your friend will likely be more than happy for you to get more wear out of her shoes. Places like Gumtree and Ebay are also a good hunting spot for that perfect pair of worn-only-once or new-in-box shoes.

Most importantly it’s important to have fun with it. If you’ve got your eye on a blingy pair of princess shoes why not wear them on your wedding night? Or if you’re the type of girl who detests the thought of wearing heeled shoes, pick your favourite flats and ride with it. While you want to look good at your wedding, remember that feeling good is just as important. May you put your best foot forward.



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