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Would you like fries with that?
I do….

The worlds largest fast food chain is dipping its toe into the wedding industry and offering wedding receptions in their “restaurants” for brides and grooms on a budget. For just over $US1200 you can have your entire wedding reception held in a Mc Donalds. Yes, you read it right, Mc Donalds.

The Package includes:

Pink wedding invitations  decorated with the iconic golden arches
Food for guests to the value of $US385 (that’s a LOT of cheeseburgers)

As with any wedding reception there are always “optional extras” which include Balloon Gown rental, balloon wedding cake and a large pink Mc Donalds backdrop (presumably to block the other “customers out)

The price includes pink invitation cards decorated with golden arches, decor featuring the likes of Ronald McDonald, and food worth up to $US385.

This new service is only available in Hong Kong and so far has attracted two wedding ceremonies so far with a number of brides and grooms in discussions with Mc Donalds.

So, brides to be.. would you have a Mc Wedding or would you prefer to save in other ways?

Oh, by the way, Mc Donalds Australia has no plans of bringing this to Australia so unfortunately, if you want to tie the knot with the Hamburgular or Grimace present, you will need to get yourself over to Hong Kong.

Image: Mc Donalds Hong Kong´╗┐



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