Would you buy a wedding dress from a “chain store”? Online?

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With the Australian dollar soaring to new heights we are spending more and more online. American retailers are reaping the rewards of enthusiastic Australian shoppers who have in the past not had access to their products which haven’t been considered “good value for money” because of years of bad exchange rates. In the past 2 years we¬† have seen record amounts of Australian-US shipping services pop up such as Hop Shop Go, where you can order from US retailers and have your goods delivered to a US mailbox, getting around the tricky issue of having to ship the product internationally from the retailer.

Services like Hop Shop Go, hang onto your parcel until you are ready to ship it to Australia (you can combine items) and then send it to you at a reasonable rate they have negotiated with international courier companies.

This opens up a whole new market of affordable, fashion forward wedding dresses from US chain stores. Take a look at iconic retailer J Crew who have an entire section of their site dedicated to weddings, they have it all covered… wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, grooms and groomsmen attire and even something to wear on your honeymoon!S

So would you buy your wedding dress from a chain store? From the USA? Tell us, we would love to know!

Check out the J.Crew wedding dress collection here

Image: J Crew



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