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We know that moment all too well. That moment when you slip on your wedding dress a week before the wedding, waiting for the dressmaker to zip or button you up. You stand up straight, focus your energy on positive things, draw your stomach in and your shoulders back and…wait. It’s a make or break moment for many about-to-be brides. That moment when panic flashes before your eyes as you wonder with bated breath: will my dress fit? With only a week until your wedding it has to fit, it MUST, there is no other choice. But – what if doesn’t? Whether it zips easily or the zip gets stuck half way, here are a few things to keep in mind through the panic stricken zip-get-stuck moments and through the oh-my-we-may-need-to-take-this-in scenarios.

What you need to remember is that weight fluctuates. Sometimes we weigh more, sometimes less. Sometimes there are no apparent reasons for this change, sometimes there are. Before your wedding you might find yourself losing weight at a steady pace or you might find yourself gaining a little. You might even find yourself losing weight for a few weeks and then gaining some of it back a few weeks later. There is not necessarily a rhyme or reason for this. But what we do know is that whenever your lifestyle undergoes a significant change or rhythm, chances are your weight will reflect that. Try not to let your self-worth be determined by the numbers on your scale. And if your dress doesn’t quite do up, remember that that’s what dressmakers are for. Not convinced? Read on.

Here a few more things to remember. You are the most critical of yourself. Your weight is as significant to almost everyone else as a five cent coin. So remember that while you are standing in front of the mirror agonizing over your wide ankles or ungraceful collarbone, these things are important to you and you alone. Your fiancé is marrying you because he loves who you are – in your entirety. He’s not marrying your perfect fingernails or handsome feet. He’s marrying you – the whole you. Just the way you are. As for the rest of the guests at your wedding, what they will behold on your big day is a beautiful bride in a beautiful dress. No one will come with measuring tapes.

So back to the dressmaker experience. It’s quite simple, really. If the dress doesn’t do up, you get it altered, and if the dress has too much room, you get it altered, too. As for your self esteem, well…you tell it to take a hike. A dress is just a dress, after all. And if it fits just right? Well, you might turn into Goldilocks for the night. Just don’t blame us if you wake up to three angry bears.




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