Why you should have a Honeymoon Fund

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So, you have splashed out on the wedding, pumped every last cent you have into making your big day as memorable as possible…
Now its time to start planning the honeymoon and after you look at the finances you realise the only place you can afford to stay is a backpackers in Bali…. not exactly the romantic start to your wedded life you had hoped for…

Never fear, there is simple and stylish solution to this… the Honeymoon Fund. Over the years the stigma attached to asking your guests for cash to pay for your honeymoon has diminished and its now more than acceptable to set up a Honeymoon Fund.

Asking your guests to pay for a night or two of your accommodation or even a special event/excursion whilst you are away is a great way to share a memorable experience with your guests. Some funds allow you to add a “wish list” of items which your guests can “purchase” for you, so when you are writing your thank you notes you can personally thank them for the day trip/ massage/ dinner that they paid for. We love this idea and think that its a win/win situation with you (the bride and groom) ending up with a truly memorable honeymoon and the guests being given a simple and easy way to find the perfect gift for you.

Ask your local travel agent for details….



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