Where there’s smoke, there is fire.

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Very few moments in time stand out like times spend next to a cosy fire. The smells, the sounds, the warmth – many of us tend to love these moments. It was thus no surprise when the outdoorsy couple decided to have massive bon fires at their wedding reception. To the delight of their guests they found large brick build circles with fires roaring on the inside to chase the evening chill away.

The walls were built up to a comfortable sitting height and as soon as the fires started loosing flame and settling into smouldering coals, a few brave ones sat down on the walls. Soon most followed suit and the evening settled down into a cosy atmosphere with people loving the outdoors and stars above – their backs to the fires.

I noticed this young woman the moment she walked into this wedding. It might have been her shocking pink dress or the very elegant high heels she tried to protect against the gravel, but mostly her short leather jacket distinguished her from other women there. These other women also noticed this girl as she arrived alone with a killer smile. As she walked past, I noticed women pulling their men a bit closer.

As miss Pink sat down on the brick wall, it was but a few moments before men started circling her ending up in her line of sight. Few stepped up to the challenge and the chase was on. She laughed out loud and swung her glass inviting more suitors into the ring. It was obvious that this situation caught the eye of the bride as well.

She watched in silence as the circle of men grew wider and louder and she took this as a distraction from her big day. A few whispers into a few ears and the fires were loaded with new fresh wood. Within minutes the girl in pink had to leave her power position on the wall due to excessive heat. As the night went on, the pattern emerged – as soon as miss Pink sat down on the wall, wood was thrown onto the fire.

Noticing this herself, miss Pink decided to sit the next bundle of wood out. Her circle followed and braved the heat with her. Turns out her jacket was fake leather and the plastic started melting sending some smoke rising from her back. ‘You are smoking’ a suitor said. ‘Yes, she answered coyly, but don’t tell my dad.’ Her giggles rang out at her own silly joke. ‘No’, he insisted, ‘your clothes are smoking.’
She flew off the wall and ripped the jacket off her back. With a swing of her arm she tossed it into the burning fire where it caught immediately. This caused the stacked wood to collapse sending millions of sparkling embers into the night sky. Some larger embers came tumbling down on close by guests.

Terrified women yelled and slapped themselves as the embers bit into skin and outfits. One hairdo caught an ember and smoke immediately started coming from her hair. Her husband, whom was reminded firmly to avoid miss Pink, emptied his drink on his wife’s hair to stop the potential dangerous fire there.

As this couple left the wedding – him smiling sheepishly at guests and she talking so fast and furious that he barely heard a word, guests could see this was trouble that was not going to sit well for years to come in their relationship. His final words before he closed the car door on her – ‘next time you can burn down to your high heels before I save you!’


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