What Your Wedding Cake Says about You

What Your Wedding Cake Says about You
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There are so many things that can determine a person’s personalities and traits. From their choice in clothing, taste in food and even selections of cars. But one thing that can interpret the type of bride you are, is your choice in wedding cake. Different types of fillings can define whether you are a traditional goody two-shoes, or wild thang. Of course, this is an art, not a science and is can vary from person to person, but for the most part – is likely right on.

You might agonise over the wedding dress you choose and whether it’s really “you” or not, but you might choose your wedding cake based on whether it looks pretty or it tastes good. You might be surprised to learn that your cake can say as much about you as your wedding dress.

When you are checking out the trends to see what cakes might be as delicious as they are delightful to look at, consider how they might be defining you as well.

How You “Feed” Each Other Cake

Let’s begin with the most obvious telltale sign reveals so much about you as a person. The crowd is gathering, tensions are high, will they or won’t they? Will THIS be the first big fight or does she have a sense of humor? The way you “feed” each other wedding cake says a lot about how you get along and your tolerance level with each other. Nothing in life is quite as stressful as planning a wedding and you both just exhausted. So, those that decide to take the low road and go for the face cake smashings, will get to witness their other half’s reaction to an unpredictable situation. The ones that don’t take it so well in front of an audience, none the less, are more likely to be a little more difficult to live with. After all, if they react angrily and get upset in front of a crowd, what will it be like behind closed doors? The good sports are the mates that take things in stride and generally let things roll off of their backs. There are always exceptions, but this litmus test seems to be pretty dead on!

The Naked Cake

Naked cakes aren’t frosted except between the layers. All you see are the raw edges of the cake and typically a cream or white filling pushing out between the cake. The edges of the frosting are sometimes wiped even with the cake, and sometimes they are left as is. Sometimes, berries are added.

Naked cakes are usually chosen by people who are introverts or who are into minimalism and a low-stress wedding. When you choose a naked cake, you are also saying that you are a person who enjoys natural beauty.

The Topsy Turvy Cake

Everyone was getting topsy turvy cakes for birthday celebrations awhile back, but now they are more popular for weddings. Each layer of the cake looks like it is stacked at an angle, like the cake could fall over at any time.

Couples who choose a topsy turvy cake like to have fun. They have funky and eclectic tastes, and they are free spirits.

The Ombre Cake

The ombre trend has taken over everything from hair color to home design. Ombre is just a fancy term for a color gradation. Say you want a blue ombre: The color might start at white or very light blue, and it will get progressively darker.

Those who choose an ombre wedding cake tend to have a sophisticated, stylish side but also want to have a somewhat traditional wedding. They might have a traditional ceremony, for example, followed by a more modern party for a reception. They tend to mix the traditional with pushing the envelope.

The Ornate Cake

Traditional wedding cakes are very tall and covered in lavish flowers and intricate piping. The taller the cake, the more formal the wedding is likely to be. The couple is likely to be more traditional and maybe a little Type A.

Ornate flowers and piping also suggest a romantic side. That romanticism and traditionalism tend to go hand-in-hand since marriage inspires big ideas based on its long history. Couples who like those traditions think they show off a big, timeless love that they want to share with the world.

Cake Toppers

Okay, Mrs. Fancy Pants, are you going to be a Bridezilla or does that exact replica of you and your groom represent your OCD tendencies? Cake toppers can tell so much about a bride and just how much of a perfectionist she will be. Those that go with nothing at all are usually fairly laid back. Free spirited souls with a “whatever” attitude are the brides that almost always have either a hand-me-down toppers from generations past or flowers. It’s the expensive, monogrammed, expensive cake toppers that are predominantly the more demanding brides to be. The topper will be the first thing that people see and remember, so those that are a little less “me” tend to focus more on pleasing guests and not worried with the ideal topper.

Cake Stands

In the same vein, cake stands can get pretty outrageous in décor AND price. Are you more of an ornate silver stand kind of gal or a plain Jane, understated lady? Cake stands can range in size as well. Stands made to prop cakes up a few feet represent status and the “wow” factor – primarily selected by brides that are interested in impression and can get a tad finicky. The less simple stand that is literally there to hold a cake type of bride can generally be lumped into the category of brides that are easy to get along with. Remember, these generalizations are not 100% accurate (maybe more like, 99.9%!)

Who knew your choice in dessert could mean so much? The next time you are at a cake tasting, think a little more carefully how those fondant flowers will represent you. Are you the eccentric free spirit, or are you more of a Type A romantic? If you aren’t sure, your choice of cake and what goes under (and on it) will ultimately reveal it for you.





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