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Only after you started out on your color themed shopping spree for your wedding will you realize that there may be over one hundred names for the color white. Why is this possible and how do you ensure that the pink you have in your hand, as a material cutting will be the same pink in your roses?

Luckily for you, there is a quick and more important Free of charge product available that you can use to ensure all of your colors are the same.

I am talking about those color cards you see at shops selling paints. Row upon row of color cards awaits you and maybe this is just the place to start of your perfect wedding. While hubby to be shops for another power tool, you can dream about your wedding in color. Pick up cards that catch your eye. Make up combinations that you think may work or take bold colors to see if it will work as flowers on your table.

In some cases, the wedding is planned with a specific color as your departure point. Maybe it is that orange of the rose you decided on or maybe it is in the overlay you want to have on your table. The process will take you right back to your local hardware.

Take samples of your chosen color like your rose with you to the shop and match your flower or that textile cutting with the cards until you find a perfect match. To ensure you do have the right color in your hand, go outside the shop and check it in sunlight. With the perfect match in your hand, you now have a range of information that will be very useful from this point forward.

Before leaving the paint area, ask the customer service to help you find complimentary colors that will work very well with your chosen color. These service people have color training and will gladly assist you with questions and suggestions, Remember to take some of the suggested color cards with you.

Have a look at your color card and you will see two very important codes on it. Firstly, you now finally have the official and registered name of your color. Names printed on the color card and may be anything from red sunset to mothers pink. Look at the back of the card and you see a PANTONE code printed. This code will dissolve all your color nightmares, as it is the recipe used to mix your color.

The PANTONE code is recognized internationally and is used by printers, designers, painters, textile shops and any person that deals with color options. With this code, you will get a perfect reproduction of the color you first saw on the card from the paint shop.

Send the PANTONE code to your wedding stationary designer whom will be so glad that he or she can stop guessing the right color. This also prevents computer screen mistakes that may occur when screens that are not color corrected show the wrong color. This happens often, and your prints look completely different from what the designs looked like on screen. PANTONE codes will take care of that.

Remember to include all the other codes you decided to use in your design.

Armed with your color cards you now can visit your florist. By simply holding a flower right next to your card, you can find a perfect match. To find complimentary flowers could not be simpler as you simply hold it up next to your main color. Some creative brides made mock arrangements by using color cards from their paint shop as flowers. This way they saw the final effect that could be achieved.

Use you color cards and PANTONE codes with every step of your planning. This way you avoid nasty surprises and you know exactly what color that is.


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