Wedding Vows… 3 steps to remember

By September 12, 2011Blog, Wedding Trends
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3 steps to perfect wedding vows

Creating your own vows is a great way to personalise your wedding day, however often couples create a monster for themselves by not being prepared and often feeling the pressure of creating something unique and meaningful. Stay on track and take the stress out of your vows by following our simple 3 step process to creating memorable and personal vows…

Step #1
Forget Hollywood. Don’t feel the pressure to come up with something on the spot. This ONLY happens in the movies. Be yourself, this is much more meaningful than recreating a scene from a romantic comedy… start by writing down some words that you would use to describe your fiance, your relationship and your life together.

Step #2
If you are still struggling to come up with something, look to the professionals. Do some research on romantic poets and use them as inspiration or even use their words if you feel it sums up how you feel. There is nothing wrong with using someones else’s words to describe how you feel, in fact, lots of couples do it!

Step #3

Keep it simple. Avoid “in jokes” and innuendo, it confuses people and someone might get the wrong impression. Make sure all of your guests can follow whats happening by printing the vows in your programme so they know when to cry and when to applaud!

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