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Last years candy bar craze is becoming more and  more popular this wedding season, so we look at how to create the ultimate candy bar for your wedding!

Making sure you cover off a wide range of lollies is important. Don’t go too crazy on the red frogs and hold off on the mint leaves. Everyone is different and by offering a wide range of choice you will really impress your guests by having their favourite. Remember you may need to cater for special diets (diabetic, gluten and perhaps even vegan) so have a small selection available for those guests too.

Size and Colour
Are you having a theme colour that will determine your candy selection? Jelly beans and smarties come in bulk in just one colour and are a great way to create impact.
If you are having small items such as m&m’s etc then having a large display of them makes a statement. Other sweets such as candy canes, lollipops, licorice and snakes can all be bought in bulk in specific colours.

Make sure presentation is perfect with large glass bowls and vases of different sizes to create impact. Fill larger containers with the less expensive candies, smaller containers for the more expensive containers. Create small signs with the names of the candies on each and decorate the table with a cute table cloth (incorporating the candy bar colours) Have serving spoons so that guests aren’t picking through the candy bar and have small bowls or glasses for them to take them back to their tables etc.You may wish to have a menu on the table with a list of whats in the candy bar

Take Aways
If you are having your candy bar instead of bomboniere then having some cute cellophane bags, noodle style boxes, custom printed party bags and ties that match your theme so your guests can easily pick their own candy and take it home as a reminder  of your super sweet day!

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