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Over the weekend one of the bride online girls passed by a wedding that had no less that 15 groomsmen… that’s right you  read it correctly… 15. Despite not seeing their 15 counterparts (the bridesmaids) we imaging they were all hidden inside one of the three stretch hummers that were parked near by.

The photos the boys were posing for looked like an entire football team getting together for their annual team shot. the expense and logistics involved in organising and dressing this many people would have been a massive effort. Not to mention getting hair and make up done for 15 bridesmaids. To many (myself included) this would be placed well and truly in the “too hard basket” however upon discussing this with a bride to be she said there would be little difference between organising 4 bridesmaids and organsing 15. We still beg to differ but would love to know what you think…

Is 15 bridesmaids too many? Whats the optimum number? How many are you having?

Image:Narelle Ryan Hair and Make Up



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