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Weddings do not always have to be traditional, elaborate affairs complete with the posh venue, chauffeur driven wedding car and fancy three course dinner. Sometimes they can just be quiet, intimate little parties held in someone’s back yard with close friends. When you’re planning your wedding, it’s important to come up with an event that suits you and your fiancés personal styles. If it’s always been your dream to have a white fairytale wedding with all the trimmings, so be it. But if you’re perhaps a little more unconventional, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate your big day in a way that coincides with your personality and tastes. Cue: the DIY wedding. Perfect for those who might not have the largest budget but who do have active imaginations and a resourceful attitude. Some of the benefits of putting together a wedding using personal touches to help create the mood include saving money, bonding with friends and family over crafting sessions and coming up with a unique and original look. So if this sounds like something you might be interested in, here are a few ideas on how to get started.

Every wedding needs a venue, but who said the venue has to be a reception hall? DIY weddings work great with backyards as venues. Holding your wedding in a friend or family member’s backyard means you’ll automatically set a casual, relaxed vibe where your guests will feel comfortable to just be themselves. Marquees also work well with these kinds of situations. But backyards are not the only solution. Get creative and come up with other fun venues to get married. You might choose a rooftop in the city or a restaurant by the beach. Choose a venue that will work with the rest of your DIY approach, and you can’t go wrong. Have some fun with it and think about hiring an old school juke box or a travelling ukulele band. The sky really is the limit.

A ‘do it yourself’ attitude always starts from you. So, if you’re committed to the idea, you might want to look into repurposing a vintage wedding dress or creating your dress from vintage fabric. Other ideas include having a vintage brooch bouquet instead of one with real flowers. Places like Etsy are great for things like this. Bridesmaid’s dresses can also be made from existing dresses. One good way to tie together different dresses is to create a central theme by adding an element that unites them, such as the same sash.

And now we come to wedding decorations. Every DIY wedding needs to be decorated with love. Pull together friends and get them to make fluffy pompoms out of tissue paper which can be strung from the walls or trees. Other ideas include using a collection of old wine bottles that have been saved for the occasion, and lining them up in a row on the table with candles held in the necks. This makes a great centerpiece that is both recycled and pretty. If you need some ideas, Pinterest is a great recourse that can work as a visual springboard. You’d be surprised how easy it can be once you get started.

The DIY wedding is all about having fun in a lighthearted and resourceful way. Let your ideas run away with you. There really are no bad ideas when it comes to a DIY wedding. Approach it with a sense of fun and creativity and let the rest just happen spontaneously. It will be the most fun you’ve had in a while – we guarantee. At the same time you may just save yourself some pretty pennies and create a wedding that will be remembered.




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