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Wedding flowers for all seasons

12 July 2010 2,376 views Article By:

When choosing your wedding flowers there are a few things you need to consider… Yes, you may LOVE peonies but….

-Do they go with your overall theme?

-Do they go with your dress?

-Are they practical (will they last/ drop goo all over your dress etc etc)

-Are they in season?

– Will you have the same for the bridesmaids and if not, what will you have and do those flowers tick all of the above boxes!

-Will you throw your bouquet or have a second one made to give away… decisions, decisions!

To take  the hard work out of some of your wedding flower planning we have identified popular choices by season so at least you can make a start.

Wedding Flowers by season

Spring: tulips – hyacinths – blossom – narcissus – daffodils – broom – anemones – muscari – lilac

Summer: roses – sweetpeas – peonies – sunflowers – hydrangeas – delphiniums – blooms – lily of the valley

Autumn:  amaryllis – snowberry – calla lily – dahlia -celosia – oak leaf – euphorbia – orchids – gerbera

Winter: daphne – skimmia – rose hips – hydrangea heads – winter rose – lavender

Image: Lotus Floral Design

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