Wedding dress trends for 2012

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The day that Catherine, now Duchess of Cambridge stepped out of that vintage car to marry Prince William, the wedding dressmakers and designers could not be happier. They knew that the era for soft and romantic dresses were back and will stay for years to come. Unlike the semi fiasco that Lady Diana, Williams mum wore on her wedding day, Catherine hit the nail right on the head and knock off versions of her dress already is the number one request for most designers and dressmakers world wide.

This new trend in dresses is not new, in fact, her dress brought about quite a movement back to the nostalgic Hollywood era. The style elements of her dress put accents on perfectly crafted dresses with the cut done so perfectly it looks like a cast. This trend will carry on in the form of figure fitting corsets and bodices with no visible zip. The shoulders will be very visible right through the wedding season and a great variation will be seen in single sleeved or diagonally cut shoulder lines.

The other royal wedding in Monaco showed a great variation on Catherine’s dress and would suit the modern bride that wants that wow factor. Charlene’s dress was a triumph of simplistic lines, full skirt and a strong dramatic aspect on her bust line, showing off her amazing shoulders. The trend is not to have many wow moments on your dress, but keep to a single breath taking aspect like a dramatic line or fold over that shows great design.

Other trends that will continue to grow toward the end of this year is the small but strong colour accent on dresses with classic lines. Here we think about things like the very detailed waist bands in strong colours like black or red. Huge broaches also make an appearance on the waist line of fashionable brides. Use one from your grandmother’s jewellery box to get that retro classic look. Grooms too can wear jewellery instead of flowers in their pin holes.

There is no denying the influence of Philip Treacy head wear on modern fashion and weddings. Since he practically took control of the Windsor wedding guest’s head wear, his work is being copied and worn by thousands of elegant women all over the world. Brides opt for dramatic facinators – a brand new term in fashion that refers to those hats that mysteriously stay on the head at very odd angles – rather than traditional veils. Some fantastic combinations of the facinator and long flowing veils made their way down bridal shows in Europe where the Spring trends is now shown.

The bride for 2012 shows that she is not scared to be different, daring and outright romantic. Detail on dresses are soft and flowing with flower shapes like the tulip skirt that sits just above the knee or full rose shape inspired princess style skirt flowing down to the floor. Brides that are on trend wear white this year. Accents colours are soft and romantic and contribute a feeling rather than a statement to the whole picture.

It seems like the age of glamour has returned to wedding dresses, a designer sighed with relief. Let’s hope this trend stays for years to come and thank you Duchess for reminding us all again what a wedding dress is all about.

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