Wedding Dilemmas: We dont want kids at our wedding

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So, you have made the decision to NOT have kids at your wedding. To make it an adults only affair, now you just need to break it to your friends and family. Some people say that kids are the life of the party and should be included as guests AND as attendants on the day. Others believe its a great opportunity to leave their kids at home and let their hair  down and those without children dont see what the fuss is about, kids shouldn’t be at weddings anyways right?

Tip toe through this potential minefield by remembering these points below and make them your mantra.. oh and as soon as you let one couple bring their kids, you open the flood gates… you have been warned!

-Give people plenty of time to get used to the idea and to find a suitable babysitter

-Address the invitation to those invited only

-Use the term “Adult reception to follow”

-Call your guests after they have received their invitation  and explain to them that you have made the decision not to invite children to the wedding

-New Born babies are often the exception to this rule as they need to be fed


Choose any of the following as reasons to give to your guests (pick one and STICK to it)…

-Venue restrictions (size, liquor licence does not allow minors)

-Catering does not extend to child friendly meals

-Your budget does not extend as far as you would like

-You would like the evening to be relaxed, intimate and carefree for all guests

-Your wedding is being financed by you or  your fiances parents and they have have requested no children

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