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Wedding guest lists are stressful… who’s in, who’s out… who’s’ “on reserve” and then there is the biggest dilemma of all… “The plus 1”

The team at Bride Online have come up with a few tips on helping you navigate your way through this rather tricky situation… and if you have any advice for other Brides to Be, please leave us a comment below or on our Facebook page!

If your friend/relative is engaged/or has a defacto

Their fiance/partner should be invited. If your guest has a newish partner (perhaps you have only met them once or twice) or perhaps this person is a “serial dater” you may wish to just invite your friend and let them know due to numbers you aren’t able to extend an invitation to their new partner. Choose your words carefully, perhaps even do this “face to face” if possible so not to offend.

For your single guests who do not have a “plus one” weddings can be┬átedious and boring…yes, that’s right. Even if its the best most awesome wedding in the world, its can be a drag for singles placed on tables with people who all know each other or even worse… the kids table. Spare a thought for these people… or they will most definitely leave between main and desert, unnoticed…

For anyone involved in the wedding party or who have special duties on the day, it is a courtesy to invite their “plus one.” Have a think about how much time and effort they have given to your big day, its a nice gesture for them to have their partner there to kick their heels up at the end of the night with…


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