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Do you love to dance? Does your soon to be husband fear and loathe it? Well ladies, you are not alone. Women all around the world have faced this issue for years. That’s how we came to dance around our handbags with girlfriends at parties.

Getting your man up on the dance floor doesn’t need to be a battle of the wills, all you need is lots of reassuring words and a bit of preparation. Have a look at our list of suggestions below and start making plans to wow your guests

-Practice, Practice, Practice.
The more time and effort you put into your dance, the more comfortable and confident you will both be on the day.

-Comfortable Footwear
perhaps consider changing into more comfortable shoes (yes, even for your groom) for your wedding dance. Make sure you practice in the shoes you will be wearing on the night. Even though the grooms shoes are flat, if he is not used to wearing them they will be as uncomfortable as a 5 inch heel.

-Keep it simple
If you aren’t overly gifted in the dancing department, don’t try to take on something too big. Keep it simple (perhaps a waltz)

Make sure your music choice is appropriate and that it matched your capabilities (ie:tempo)

-Get the Bridal Party involved
It will take the focus off you as a couple, think “safety in numbers”

-Get Help
If you think you need to, call in the professionals. You would be surprised how much difference a few lessons can make!

-Have fun!
Remember, its supposed to be fun. have a drink to loosen up (but not too many) and enjoy it!

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