Deciding on  your wedding stationery can be a difficult task, ideally you should choose it six months before your wedding date, allowing plenty of time to organise numbers, printing, delivery, addressing envelopes and posting them around12 weeks before your wedding. There are a few things to consider when deciding on your wedding stationary:

What type of stationery will reflect your wedding style? Will you incorporate your colour theme?

How should invitations be worded? Formal or informal?

What other stationery do you need? Save the date, RSVP cards, table cards, menus, thank you cards etc

What’s your budget? Wedding invitation specialist or DIY?

Who receives and invitation? One per couple? One per guest?

Wedding Invitation wording is just as important as the invitation itself. Make sure you double and triple check the wording to make sure you have included

  • All of the names of the hosts
  • The correct dates and times
  • The correct address
  • Remember to check the spelling of your guests names
  • Correct RSVP details

The “traditional” wedding invitation should include the following:
Formal invitation
Separate Cards for the reception and reply
Formal/Traditional wording
Suit black tie event

Tip: If the groom’s parents are sharing expenses, both sets of parents can act as hosts, with the bride’s listed first.

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  • Jorj Lowrey says:

    It’s amazing how many of our clients count up the guests on their list and order that number of invitations. You normally need about 1/2 that number (some will be singles, but some will be families and couples). When we ask “how many?” we always clarify by asking “is that guests or invitations?” It saves over ordering! Having said that, it’s always a good idea to get a handful of extra invites for the people have been forgotten / the ones who invite themselves / to send out if more decline than you expect / the ones Australia Post don’t deliver and the friends you make between now and the big day. (Don’t laugh, we’ve heard it all before!)

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