Wedding Day tips for Grooms

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With most of the fuss and running around going on over the bride its easy to overlook the Groom and what he needs to do to get to the “church on time” Often the Groom with have a mother/sister/relative looking out for him on his big day but we cant just rely on someone else to help out. So, sit down with your groom and let him know what he needs to do (how else is he supposed to know??) Work with him on a checklist or a timetable (depending on how he works) and make sure you don’t leave anything to chance…

Grooms Wedding Day Tips…

Eat a PROPER breakfast (no, this does not include cold pizza) Whole grains and protein will keep you feeling fuller longer

Use an industrial strength antiperspirant deodorant (you will thank us later)

Prepare honeymoon luggage (or wedding night luggage) ensuring you add ID tags in case they are misplaced

Give the rings to the best man and make sure he keeps them safe

Get dressed (about an hour before you have to depart) starting at the bottom and working your way up… that way you wont forget anything

Send a small gift/card over to your bride (extra brownie points!)

Gather your groomsmen and family and take a few happy snaps in the garden/house

Stay hydrated… with water. No one wants to see a drunk groom… NO ONE.

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