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5 Wedding Cake Alternatives

29 June 2011 2,093 views Article By:

Looking for an alternative to serving wedding cake at your reception? Look no further, here are 5 great alternatives to serving fruit cake…

1. Cupcakes
Yes, yes, cupcakes have been around for years, we know. Standard vanilla and chocolate cupcakes have been popping up at weddings for the past few years, but we are talking custom made, bespoke flavours. Ditch traditional and go with something a little more exciting!

2. Macaroons
Macaroons are the new cupcakes… only much harder to DIY! Most cake shops/suppliers will be able to produce macaroons in bulk and have a selection of colours/flavours available for you to serve on your big day. Tie in with your colour theme or go for rainbow, either way, everyone loves a macaroon… you may need to order a few extras!

3. Fairy floss
Vanilla flavored Persian fairy floss is to die for! Serve in a wine glass for individual portions. This desert/cake alternative will NOT disappoint!

4. Candy buffet
Last year we started seeing candy buffets popping up at weddings. They are growing in popularity and can be a great DIY oprion, keeping it to a budget…

5. Fondue
There is nothing more fun than dipping luscious fresh fruit into creamy melted chocolate. This is a great social desert and will have your guests talking and dipping away!

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