Wedding Beauty Checklist- Hair

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Preparing to look your best on your big day doesn’t happen overnight. Don’t make the mistake of trying a new hair colour or style on the day of your wedding, read on to see how you can be as prepared as possible to put your best foot forward when you walk down  the aisle.

-When you start thinking about your dress and the overall theme of your wedding, have a think about how you would like your hair. Decide on the length, shape, style and colour. Cut out and keep pictures that you like as inspiration and to help you stay on track (and be tempted to cut your hair off)

-Give your hairdresser enough time to get to the right shade and shape of your hair, remembering that a veil may cover some of it, so if its not perfect then you can always accessorise. Have your hair coloured at 6 week intervals and make sure your regrowth is touched up a week or so before the wedding.

-Keep your hair healthy by having a routine at home that you stick to. Weekly treatments will help keep your locks shiny and will enhance and brighten your  colour

-Stick to the one hairdresser during the kead up to your wedding (unless something goes horribly wrong) get to know them well and make sure they know exactly what you want on your wedding day!

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