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With the day of love and romance upon us, many brides decide to invite ST Valentine day to their wedding. This romantic day is marked worldwide with millions of people getting hitched in a gesture of ultimate romance. But a few are taking an opposite stance and refuse to invite a dead saint to their weddings.

There are many stories about St Valentine, his brutal death and how this day became the day of the lovers. This article will ignore all of those sentiments and focus on why it is totally impractical to get married on this day. Please keep a smile and spare a thought for those who simply could not care  a single bit about what is to follow.

The very first thing that comes to mind for a Valentines wedding is roses – red roses and lots of them. You simply could not not have tons of them if you want to pull off the ultimate romantic day. Forget that single red rose for a bouquet – on Valentine’s day it simply will take a back seat to the hype. The problem with red roses on Valentine’s day is cost! The average florist charges 300% mark-up per stem on this day. The wholesalers sell red roses per ton and at extremely high prices.

And do not think you will get other flowers cheaply. The florist industry book their flowers for Valentine’s day months in advance as to ensure they get some stock. The rest are left with nothing. So your wedding flowers fall right into this frenzy of flower availability and markets going buzz with sales. Prepare to spend  at least three to four times more on the same amount of flowers you would get at a different time of year.

So you decided that the cost of mere flowers will not put you off from your Valentines wedding – then how about competing with millions of people to get a venue? Valentine ’s Day is the one single day that almost every available venue of any description is booked. Anything goes – from pensioners celebrating love with a Tango night to those who prefer to go it alone on this day but need to be in a group to show their abstention from romance. They too have a venue booked.

For you to find a suitable place will set you back thousands of dollars extra than say booking the same place the next weekend. Venues need to fill themselves with capacity crowds during Valentines and your wedding is not the ‘per head capital’ they are chasing. They want lots of people with lots of drinks ordered and expensive menus that gets served six to seven times that day.

Still not convinced? Well lets tackle the last obstacle that we can throw at your romantic idea – your wedding day will never be your own special day – you will always take a back seat to Mr Valentine and his spending frenzy. “When did you get married” – your friends will ask and you will not tell them your date, you will always respond: On Valentine’s day. Well; at least your husband will be pressed to get it wrong as far as remembering your wedding day and if he does, his Valentine’s gift will easily convert to a happy anniversary gift.

Like we said in the beginning of the article – take this with a pinch of salt and enjoy whatever you are doing this Valentine’s day.


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