Unique and Exciting Ways to Make an Unforgettable Exit at Your Wedding

Unique and Exciting Ways to Make an Unforgettable Exit at Your Wedding
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In planning your wedding, there is an awful lot of thought and consideration devoted to how you are going to look on your big day–including the precise way in which you will arrive, what you’ll be wearing at the ceremony, and then there’ll be the photos immediately following. Next, what you’ll be wearing and how you will show up at the reception are discussed and decided upon in great detail and today’s brides want it all. The more creative, the better. There is a rather extensive list of daunting details, from A to Z to be fully covered before that lovely day, and of course, hopefully with not even the most minute of details compromised nor left out.


The Conventional, Tried and True Post-Wedding Reception Transportation

The manner of exit chosen by newlyweds has been from within relatively the same few, rather standard options. There’s always the limo departure, and then there’s the classic, time honored escape made by the two via the groom’s car–which first has been thoroughly upgraded, modified, altered, ceremoniously decorated and radically transformed by jokester friends using every possible method available. New married couples who will be leaving the gala via this particular mode of transport are likely to find everything imaginable tied to, taped on, strung out and worded on windows. Balloons, ribbons and bows with crepe paper streamers are combined with loud clanging noises from a series of metal items like cans and the like, all tied in a number of strands proceeding from the rear bumper of the car. The gag devices placed into the car’s exhaust system for a lot of noise is a commonly included “extra.”

Rentals and Such

A good many couples enjoy disappearing into their married future while seated blissfully together in a horse-drawn carriage. If you can imagine it, it is probably for rent. These days, among the most frequently rented forms of departure are Rolls Royces, all manner of antique vintage cars, motorcycles, horsebacks, and more. Depending on where you live, you might be able to board the back of a camel, elephant or ostrich to enter the next phase of life–as a couple.


Rice used to be the mainstay for tossing at the departing bride and groom, and then there was a period of time during which it was frowned upon, based on misinformation that deemed the uncooked rice to be lethal when eaten by little birdies and wildlife. Once the fallacy was proven, rice returned–but there had, by that time, been a surge of new thoughts on tossables for weddings, and the trend is to find new ways to top the rest. Some of the most heartily trending have been oodles of multicolored confetti, bubbles, delicately arranged flowers and flower petals and while they require a huge number of DIY hours, handcrafted pom poms can be fun. The tossable pom poms must be soft and lightweight, and there are a number of tutorials for making them on the Internet. Some couples have arranged, months in advance, to host weekly DIY crafting evenings where they and their friends join forces to create pom poms and other tossables like DIY crepe paper flowers–in enough quantity to make them truly memorable. Another one that requires much advance input, but is well worth it, and so earth friendly too–make your own confetti by using hole punchers to “extract” confetti from natural tree and bush leaves. White, round balloons inflated with regular air make for a wonderful send off. For housing smaller tossables, the way to go is cones, typically made of paper, and these can be personalized, as well. DIY streamers are surely one of the most festive sendoffs you could orchestrate. Coordinate your colors with the wedding colors, and let ‘em rip!

Anyone Planning on Stealing Away in the Dark?

Especially lovely for nighttime exits, sparklers create a sparkling sendoff for newlyweds, just as wildly waving glow sticks in all colors. Cap guns are a fun, celebratory form of collective cheering, when the bride and groom kiss. With a little ingenue and some colored paint pens, you can embellish the guns for a personal touch. And what could possibly top an evening wedding sendoff celebrated with the group release of sky lanterns, into the dark canopy of night? With previous warnings about certain environmental dangers they posed, these gorgeous lanterns are now available in a design that is 100% enviro-friendly. They’re biodegradable and contain no metal or plastic.



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